Housseynou here, I’ll be brief.

I help startups & clients create rewarding products through user-centered design.

Strategy & Discovery, Interface design, Design Consulting, Front-end Dev 

My “simple” approach…

1 I take the time to identify the “problem”. 2 Embark on an in-deph research process to understand ways to solve the problem. 3 Provide a unique solution through sketches, wireframes, design and prototypes.
He is a problem solver like all great designers should be. For Ubersnap, he was able to translate my concepts into a user experience that was intuitive, simple and sleek; all delivered on time. I cannot recommend him enough
- Boon Chin Ng, Founder of Ubersnap

A recent project.

Imboldn is a blog that showcases the latest gadgets, style trends and gear. I took part of the site’s layout structure, UX and design
See this project live.
Head over to my Dribbble profile for more recent works or LinkedIn to learn more about me.

I will be available for work(Part/Full time, in NYC) starting in April. If interested, I would love to hear about your goals and challenges, also instruct you about my services, rates and availability.
I'm interested
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